January 21, 2021

Dear Grade Four Parent(s),

Last week I wrote to you and provided an overview of the grade four wing moving plan for the end of the month. At that time, I also shared with you that any unexpected delays in the final preparations of the modulars could impact that moving timeline. I am writing to you today to share that due to a delay in the completion of the electrical hook up process, we will not be able to make the move to the modulars until the weekend of February 6 & 7. 

As a result we have had to make the following changes to our moving schedule for fourth-grade students only:

Friday, February 5 will be a packing day for staff. All students in grade four will be remote that day, and there will be no in-person instruction for Cohort 2. As planned, teachers will be pushing out remote assignments to keep kids engaged as an instructional day. Our specialists (PE, Music, Art, Library, and SEL) will push out assignments as well for that day. 

Monday, February 8 will be an unpacking day for all staff. All students in grade four will be remote that day as well, with no in-person instruction for Cohort 1. Again, teachers and specialists will push out the remote assignments for that day. 

As previously shared, the RTI Learning Center will not be meeting with students on those days as they will also be packing and unpacking their room.

As is common in the construction process, there always remains the possibility that unexpected delays may force us to alter this schedule again. However, based on what I've been told, we remain optimistic that this revised timeline will go as planned. While that remains a small possibility I did not want to wait any longer to get you this information to help your planning for these two days.

Please know that we will continue to keep our focus on minimizing the impact this move has on student learning. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your continued flexibility, understanding, and support. I will keep reminding everyone how amazing the new school will be when finished! Stay tuned for an updated construction video that will be shared soon. 


Ryan Gleason, YES Principal