September 16, 2020

Dear YES Families,

It has been wonderful to see our students back in school these past four days. Despite the challenges, they are settling into the new routines and their positive energy has been infectious. Thank you once again for all you are doing on your end to support this transition back. 

I am writing to you with a couple of quick transportation/dismissal updates.  Since the first day of school we have been able to get all students on the bus and into parent cars in about 25 minutes at dismissal time. Here are some adjustments/next steps that you need to be aware of:   PikMyKid- Going Live on September 21

As you know, we are using PikMyKid to help support student car pickups only. If you have reviewed the video and training material you will note that this program does offer comprehensive dismissal options but we are using it for just the car dismissal function. 

If you have not already downloaded the PikMyKid App, please do so at this time. We only have about 100 parents who have downloaded the App. Please remember that you will use the ID code found on your child’s cartag.   If you are unable to utilize a phone you may continue to use just your cartag. 

Again, you will be the Primary Parent for your child and in control of their dismissal. You can delegate alternate individuals, but they should have the App also as it will send a matching number to the phone for us to validate the correct person is picking up the proper child. 

Once you have downloaded the App and registered in the system, we encourage you to practice it over the next few days. I have re-included the Training Video for Parents here: PikMyKid Parent Training.  Also, attached to this email is the “Parent App User Guide”.  On Monday, September 21, we will begin tracking PikMyKid in the building. We will still use cartags. Please continue to display your cartag each day as we all get to learn the system. If you do not have access to the App with a personal device you can continue to just use the cartag only. 

Since the first day of school, we have been transitioning the entire grade level cohorts out on the sidewalk to speed up the dismissal process. You may wonder why we are still moving forward with the App.  With heavy rain or the potential of going “all-in” we may not be able to have all of the students standing outside in that space waiting  three feet apart. As a result we may have to adjust to a more staggered car pickup format. Clearly that will take a longer period of time but we are optimistic that the use of the App will help us to make the process as safe and efficient as possible. 

Additional Bike Area

We have noted a high volume of bike riders arriving from the HMS direction of McCartney Street. As a result, we have asked students coming from that direction to leave their bikes along the playground fence at the very start of the bus area. That has already helped with congestion and safety at the end of the day. If your child is arriving from that area, or if you are meeting them from that direction, this additional area is a good place to connect at the end of the day. The two bike rack areas are also good designated meeting spots if you are walking your child home. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this information. Have a good afternoon!


Ryan Gleason, YES Principal