March 13, 2020

Dear YES Families,

I wanted to check in with you as a follow up to Dr. Dolloff's communication this week regarding the Coronavirus and how we are planning for the possibility of remote learning. As he shared with you, at this time our schools remain open in Yarmouth. Our teachers and staff at YES have done an amazing job continuing the routines and learning experiences for our students as this worldwide event continues to evolve. Dr. Dolloff will continue to communicate with you directly if the decision is made to close our schools at some point.

If a closing does occur we will be using an online platform to provide instruction remotely for our students. Staff have been working behind the scenes to plan meaningful learning experiences through the platform of the Seesaw class app in the event that we are out of school for an extended period of time. As part of that planning some teachers and staff have started to send home some materials for students to keep in their backpacks as additonal resources. There is no need for you to look for or at any of that at this time, but I did want to make you aware that this planning is going on. If we are to close I will be sending you a more detailed letter describing how the online Seesaw platform will work and the role we will all play to keep positive learning experiences going for our students at YES. 

If you do not have a device at home for your child to access and use the Seesaw app, or if you have an issue with internet connectivity, please reach out to me directly and we will develop a plan to help with this.

I fully understand that this is a very challenging time for everyone. Please know that we will continue to support your children in whatever manner they need whether we are in the school building or working with them remotely. 

Have a good weekend,

Ryan Gleason, YES Principal