February 13, 2020

Dear YES Families,

On Tuesday morning Dr. Dolloff sent you some important information regarding our upcoming school construction and renovation. I am writing to you with some follow up details that are specific to Yarmouth Elementary School

1. The bike/ped path leading from West Elm Street to the Elementary School will be closed throughout the project.

In addtion to the information that Dr. Dolloff has shared with you it is important to know that the parking area for all bicycles has been moved. It is now located off of the sidewalk on McCartney Street just before the new pick-up/drop off loop road begins. The area has been cleared of snow and bike racks have been moved to that space. When bikers arrive in the morning they should park there and go straight to the playground.

At the end of the day bikers will be dismissed with the walkers and parent pick-up students as usual. However bikers will not be released from their designated parking area until the person on duty gives them that direction. This is going to be a heavy traffic area for the first few minutes of dismissal and safety is a priority. Bikers will be dismissed a few at a time as they will be moving in different directions on McCartney Street. If you are driving on McCartney Street at this time of day please be mindful of the increased bicycle traffic. 

2. Student drop-off and pick-up at YES will be significantly different, as we will reserve what is not the "bus loop" for passenger vehicles, and buses will drop students at the corner of the playground, where the bus loop meets McCartney Street.

For parent drop off in the morning we will follow the same procedures that we use in our current drop off, pick up loop. Please pull up to the curb and have your child exit on to the sidewalk. Due to the location and size of this space it is even more important that you stay in the car and have your child use the doors closest to the sidewalk. This will help with safety and keep the flow of traffic moving. Students should go straight to the playground unless they have a before school place to be in the building (before care, band, chorus, breakfast). 

For parent pick-up cars may park in this new loop next to the sidewalk as we currently do. Our expectations on signing out are the same. Please park your car in either the loop or parking areas across the street and enter the building at the office entrance to sign out your child.  If parking in the loop you must be close to the sidewalk on the right hand side so that the traffic flow may continue on the left. 

Thank you again for your patience and support as we work through this transformation together. Please let me know if you have any questions about these changes. YES will begin to look very different when you return from February break. I hope that you all have a nice week!


Ryan Gleason, YES Principal