November 7, 2019

Hello Parents and Guardians,

This message is for those who chose to include their information in the PTO Directory. We received our family contact information last week and now have it ready to use! Last school year, we took a Paper-vs-Online Directory poll. Results were almost evenly split. So this year, we are offering free access to the online directory as well as a paper-based directory for a cost.

PAPER DIRECTORY: We print the paper directory using the online directory information, so we strongly suggest that you access the online directory to check that your information is correct and to add your student’s teacher’s name if you prefer. (The district no longer provides us with class lists or teacher names.) We will send home an order form for Rowe and YES students soon. If you have an HMS student, you can access the order form here and have your student return the completed form with your cash/check to the main office. Directories are $6.00. Orders must be received by Friday, Nov 15. 

ONLINE DIRECTORY: Last year’s online directory company was bought by Membership Toolkit, which is now our new directory company. Whether you used the directory last year or are using it for the first time, please follow the steps below to access the directory and check/update your information as needed. 

  1. Go to (You can bookmark this page for later use.)
  2. Click on the Register >> Login button.
  3. Under “New User?” click Create Account.
  4. Fill in your name, email, and password information and click Verify my email.
  5. Check your inbox (or spam folder). Click the Verify my email button. This link expires in 2 hours.  
  6. Log back in and complete Steps 1 and 2 to check or change your info if necessary. Ignore Step 3 and Store & Data Forms. You will see a notice that your information is “out of date.” This “out of date” mode allows you to check your info and change it if necessary. It also allows you to add your student’s teacher’s name. (The district no longer provides this info, but a pull down menu is provided for you to do so if you like.) Note that the directory has the functionality for parents to search by teacher name.

If you don’t find your information in the directory, it’s because you did not opt in to share your information with the PTO. We are happy to add you if you like! For that and any questions please email us at We check our email every day.

Thank you!

Christy Hayashida and Jessica Raimy


Yarmouth K-8 PTO