Welcome to the Frank H. Harrison Middle School. We open our doors for the 26th year on September 5th and welcome back approximately 537 students, their parents, and 72 staff. The Harrison Middle School, nestled in a crow rookery and wetlands, is home to Yarmouth's fifth through eighth graders. As a middle school, we place concentrated effort and support on the academic, social, emotional, and physical well being of our students. We assure parents that each child will be safe, challenged, know more than one adult well, and have regular communication about their child's progress and school events. As a continuous learning organization, we value parental feedback when we are doing our job well, as well as, when we need to improve. The teamwork between students, parents, and the school help us to achieve the extraordinary.

Our main goal is to improve teaching and learning to fulfill the Yarmouth School System mission statement, "Empowering All Students to Create Fulfilling Lives in a Changing World". To facilitate these efforts, our School Improvement Plan includes specific goals that are aligned with the district's strategic plan. Our School Improvement Team then establishes a time line for each piece of the plan and monitors our progress.

The core subjects include language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The exploratory program includes art, band, chorus, general music, health science, modern language, physical education and STEAM. Students also have the opportunity to select from a varied menu of extracurricular activities such as drama, math team, yearbook, student leadership team, and a well-rounded athletic program.

In September of 1992, the Frank H. Harrison Middle School opened its doors to students and staff. The Building Committee demonstrated the perseverance and genuine willingness to compromise and collaborate in order to make this project a reality. The Committee included Joy Aherns, Chairperson, W. Kenneth Anderson, Douglas S. Carr, Jamie A. LeBlanc, William E. Miles, Jr., Ashely B. Richards, Jr., Bruce E. Soule, Warren M. Turner, Guy J. Vigue, and Lisa F. Williams. The building was designed by Terrien Architects and built by the Sheridan Corporation for $8,000,000.

The school name was selected to honor Frank H. Harrison, Yarmouth’s first Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Harrison captained the Clippership fleet for 25 years. During his many dedicated years to the community the Yarmouth schools evolved into one of New England’s premier school systems.

In September of 1989, the Middle School Educational Planning Committee embarked upon a two-year study of middle-level education in Yarmouth. The Educational Plan included a challenging, developmentally appropriate curriculum, exploratory programs, an advisee/advisor program, and flexible scheduling. These cornerstones of middle-level education have stood the test of time.

Grade 5

Our Grade 5 has three two-member teams. The students spend most of their day reading, writing, and doing mathematics. We have made this a choice of concentration because literacy and numeracy are the gateway to all other academics. Although the students spend one half of the year on social studies and science, both of these subjects are integrated throughout the other curriculum pieces. The teams are: Kelly Conley (Reading and Writing) and Karen Jagolinzer (Mathematics, Science and Social Studies), Liz Greely (Reading and Writing) and Marti-Jo Shaw (Mathematics, Science and Social Studies), and Gina Rollins (Reading and Writing) and Rich Smith (Mathematics, Science and Social Studies).

Grade 6

Our Grade 6 has three two-member teams. The core academics of language arts [reading and writing], mathematics, science, and social studies are taught by the teams. The teams are: 1) Barbara Ellis (Mathematics and Science) and Stephanie Robison (Language Arts and Social Studies), 2) Ragan Bartlett (Mathematics and Science) and Julie Logan (Language Arts and Social Studies), and 3) Zachary Callahan (Mathematics and Science) and Meghan Haugevik (Langauge Arts and Social Studies).

Grade 7

Our Grade 7 has three two-member teams. The core academics of language arts [reading and writing], mathematics, science, and social studies are taught by the teams. The teams are: 1) Morgan Cuthbert (Mathematics and Science) and Karyn Smith (Language Arts and Social Studies), 2) Tate Gale (Mathematics and Science) and Stephanie Hill (Language Arts and Social Studies), and 3) Mike Hagerty (Language Arts and Mathematics) and Janice Medenica (Science and Social Studies).

Grade 8

Our Grade 8 has three two-member teams. The core academics of language arts [reading and writing], mathematics, science, and social studies are taught by the teams. The teams are: 1) Megan Rice (Science and Social Studies) and Michael Rice (Language Arts and Mathematics), 2) Rod Corey (Science and Social Studies) and Bill Shardlow (Mathematics and Language Arts), and 3) Ira Warshaw (Language Arts and Social Studies) and Kellie McMahon (Mathematics and Science).

Teacher Qualification Notice

The Yarmouth School Department receives Title 1 funds. Under the Act, parents of children attending the Yarmouth School Department may request the professional qualifications of their child's teachers. Parents may request information related to state certification, highly qualified status, emergency certification, and degrees as well as information about the qualifications of paraprofessionals. This information is available by contacting Laurie Brigham by telephone at 846-5586, or by email, laurie_brigham@yarmouthschools.org

Master Schedule

7:40Teachers are at their assigned duty stations
Cafeteria opens
Students enter to go to the Cafeteria
7:55Bell rings for all students to enter the building
Students move to lockers, then to their advisor groups
8:00Bell rings for Advisor Groups to begin
Late Bell
8:07Bell rings for Advisor Groups to end
(Students stay in Advisory Groups until the 8:07 bell)
8:10Bell rings for classes to begin
8:10-9:407th Grade Unified Arts [Grades 5,6, and 8 in Core Academics]
9:40-10:205th and 6th Band and Chorus/Guided Study
10:20-11:105th Grade Unified Arts [Grades 6,7 and 8 in Core Academics]
11:35-1:058th Grade Unified Arts [Grades 5,6 and 7 in Core Academics]
Lunch8th Grade 11:06-11:31
7th Grade 11:31-11:56
6th Grade 12:00-12:25
5th Grade 12:25-12:50
1:10-2:006th Grade Unified Arts [Grades 5,7, and 8 in Core Academics]
2:00-2:457th and 8th Band and Chorus/Guided Study [Grades 5 and 6 in Core Academics]
2:43Afternoon Announcements
2:45Bell rings to end school; students are dismissed by teacher(s)
Teachers are at their assigned duty stations
Buses pick up students