What is your reading curriculum?

There are several components to our grade two reading curriculum. For example, second graders will participate in...
Read Aloud, Guided Reading groups, Reader's Theater and plays, Independent Reading, Literature Groups, and Nightly Reading.

Children are encouraged to read or be read to each night.

Looking for a list of books for your child to read? Here is an additional link that you may find beneficial: http://www.c-t-l.org/kids_recommend.html


Will my child write stories?
Children write every day. Our formal Writer’s Workshop starts with a mini-lesson, and a picture book is often used to model a skill being taught. During the workshop, children generally write on a self-selected topic. At times throughout the year, the children are asked to write to a prompt. These writing assessments help evaluate overall writing development and guide our writing instruction.

Throughout the year, children will be writing in different genres such as poetry, informational writing, personal narratives, and persuasive writing.


Will there be a focus on handwriting?
Children improve their fine motor control when practicing manuscript.


When will my child learn how to spell and be expected to spell words correctly?
Word study is an integral part of our grade two Language Arts program. Children will work on mastering 35 Priority Words. They will also participate in word study, spelling, vocabulary, and phonics activities in a developmental sequence. 

Reading in Gr2